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Equity AdvantageTM Practictioners

The below list is NOT a testament to our success; it is a testament to their success.
Below is a very short list of current Equity AdvantageTM practitioners. You have a unique opportunity to correspond with folks who were faced with the same level of uncertainty you are faced with today. Fear, trust and believably were barriers to entry they too had to overcome. More than likely, just like you.

To help you overcome your skepticism we welcome you to correspond with anyone of the people below and ask them if the program works as advertised. Ask them if TruthinEquity.comTM is a company who stands behind their claims. We invite you to ask our customers if they are experiencing a level of freedom and authority over their finances they’ve never experienced before implementing the Equity AdvantageTM.

Attention: These people have volunteered to participate as TruthInEquity.comTM referrals. This is a privilege to correspond with a customer. DO NOT ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE. Be respectful. Do not have unrealistic expectations of a timeline response. Do not have unrealistic expectations of program details in their response. If you do not receive a timely response from a particular reference, assume they have a life that may not permit them to respond to you right away. You have several opportunities; simply send a request to another person on the list.

We look forward to working with you. Please exercise your privilege to contact any number of our successful Truth In EquityTM members.

David and Maria Stewart
Bob and Holly Mack
David and Debra Williams
James Botelho
David and Tina Cretella
Tanveer Mall
Eddie and Darlene Anzalone
Jack and Cindy Buccolo
Frank Locastro
Marina Velichansky
Karen and Mike Slattery
James Gaines
Russ and Leslie Moorman
Michael Mayer
Wes and Connie Clements
Chris Detwiler
Clifford M. Anderson
Michael Luttmann
John and Marlene Sandor
Jeramie and Sharon Trotter
Frederick Stephens
Jessica Domeier
Peter Garceau
Brian Stockwell
Daniel and Gail Barie
Mark and Beth Otto
Patrick and Terri Horrigan
Victor and Manuela Santos
Gregory Winch
Jennifer Seth
Mike and Traci Burnett
Nicholas Zeller
Charles L & Penny Bones
David and Katrina Whitley
Gary and Carol Little
Michael Siravo
Todd Omohundro
Jeffrey Maurer
Scott and Donna Granan
Alfred Chow
Nicholas and Karen Ippolito
Dena Jones
Bob and Shelly Gottis
Joseph and Ramona Reid
Thomas (Tom) and Renea Heitkamp
David (Dave) and Annette Bronson
Timothy and Cindy Hannah
Roxanne Vanderberg
William and Patricia Trotter
Michael and Amy Ison
Edward and Louise Pilcher
Jonathan and Rachel Taylor
Timothy Rock
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