How it Works

In order to combat the rising cost of living and fulfill the desire for long term wealth many people are turning to things like strict budgeting, side hustles, and multiple jobs. These things aren’t sustainable long term and often lead to burnout, frustration, and stress.

What if I told you there’s a better way?

At Truth in Equity we’ve perfected a strategy that creates a higher cash flow rate without increasing your income or decreasing your spending. Sounds too good to be true, we know, but it’s simpler than you think. The secret is how you move your money, not how you spend it.

It’s All About the Math

Our easy-to-follow process is designed to help you rearrange your finances so that you can pay off debt faster, put more money in your pocket, and increase your investments without strict budgeting, complicated accounting, or taking on a second job. But how does it actually work?

Think of your money as a vehicle that’s purpose is to get you from point A, living paycheck to paycheck and making minimum loan payments, to point B, financial freedom. A vehicle sitting in the garage won’t get you very far. The more movement you get out of that vehicle the faster you’ll get to your debt free destination.

In the garage there are your Installment loans. These are your typical mortgage loan, car loan, student loan, etc. These loans are a one-way door. Money goes in every time you make a payment, but it never comes back out. And much of that money goes straight to interest rather than to principal which means your loan balance is decreasing as slowly as possible.

On the other hand you have your Checking account, Savings Account, and Revolving Credit Accounts. If an installment loan is a one-way door, then revolving credit is as the name would suggest, a revolving door with money flowing both ways. These types of accounts include credit cards, personal line of credit, and our favorite at Truth in Equity, the HELOC. When used strategically these types of loans can create significantly more movement for your money without racking up high interest payments.

In a nutshell this system works by utilizing revolving credit to consolidate your installment loans, creating a plan to keep accounts with higher interest rates paid in full each month, and taking advantage of things like cash back rewards to offset some of those pesky interest charges.

But we know that’s a lot to take in, and we understand that math doesn’t come easy to everyone. That’s why our team of strategists are here to help you every step of the way. We LOVE talking numbers.

6 Steps to Faster Financial Growth

01 - Calculate Your Payoff Date

Fill out the Truth in Equity Projected Payoff Calculator HERE to get your personalized debt free date. Then schedule a consultation with one of our experienced financial strategists.


02 - Meet With a Strategist

Meet (virtually) with a strategist to get a detailed analysis of your financial landscape including income, expenses, positive cash flow, and debt balances.  We take into account everything from mortgage and utilities to groceries and recreation to make sure your numbers are accurate and your goals are achievable.

03 - Get a Personalized Plan

Based on your analysis our team will put together a complete money management strategy designed specifically for your financial situation.

04 - Gather Your Tools

We’ll make recommendations for any financial tools such as HELOC, Personal Line of Credit, Credit Cards, Checking Accounts, or other banking products you need to make this program work for you. We’ll even help you through the application process and account setup as needed.

05 - Take Control of Your Money

Your dedicated strategist will teach you how to utilize these tools to put your monthly bills on auto pay, consolidate your debt, increase the amount you’re paying toward principle and take the stress out of managing your finances.

06 - Lifetime Support

We’ll stick with you from the day you sign up through every stage of life and you never pay another cent. Your one-time consultation fee provides a lifetime of support to help you adapt, grow, and thrive financially from starting a new career to entering retirement and everything in between.

Let’s Talk Equity

Equity is one of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to creating and building long term wealth. It’s also the principal that our program is built on. 

Equity = the value of your assets – the balance owed on them.

For example, if you owe $200,000 on your mortgage but the current value of your home is $300,000 that’s $100,000 in equity that you could be using to your advantage. That’s $100,000 parked in your financial garage.

With a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) you can often gain access to up to 80% of that equity. That’s $80,000 you can use to consolidate your other debts (say goodbye to installment loans!). Then, because it’s revolving, you can build that balance back up and use it again and again to pay off more debt and make larger payments towards your primary mortgage balance.

Don’t own a home? That’s okay, with just a few small tweaks we can show you how to use the same principles with a personal line of credit. This strategy gives you the option to pay down debt, increase investments, or even purchase a home and build your own equity.

What you really need is more movement, not more money.


Since 2006 we’ve been using these principals to help our clients achieve amazing results. By using these strategies, thousands of people just like you have:

Retained up to 50% more of their monthly income.

Reduced interest costs up to 75%.

Shortened the lifespan of long term debt by 20 years or more.

complete the Personal Payoff Calculator To get your money moving.