Frequently Asked Questions?

Mortgage Accelerator Questions

Even though the Truth In Equity Program relies on simple math, each situation will be different. Not everyone will qualify for our program. This is why we offer a “No Risk” analysis.  If you qualify, we will be eager to provide you with every possible detail of your personalized solution.  Filling out a basic profile will start the process. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPLACE YOUR MORTGAGE IN MANY CASES.

1. This sounds too good to be true.

We can’t disagree with this statement.  It does sound too good to be true.  Dispelling this misconception is found in the understanding of how it works and actually seeing in amortized form how your entire financial profile is affected when 100% of your income is applied against your debt 24/7.  A free online demonstration with a Financial Strategist will help you understand how our claims are absolutely true and achievable.

2. How does this work?

Equity Optimization is very similar to how you manage your regular checking account; deposits and withdrawals.  The key to understanding how it works is to see and understand how your finances are affected when your income and debt work in a cohesive environment versus conventional methods where your income and debt only communicate when you make your monthly payment.  Our Financial Strategists are highly skilled at customizing the program per your unique financial needs and demonstrating how Equity Optimization works.

3. Do I need equity in my home to implement this program?

No.  You do not need equity in your home to implement this strategy.  You just need a line of credit.  Your Financial Strategist will provide more detail based on your particular situation.

4. Can I achieve the same results by making additional principal payments to my current mortgage?

Absolutely not!  You can not achieve the same results due to the fact that the majority of your income remains idle in your checking account.  There are several factors that dictate success when operating under the confines of the conventional banking model.  Your Financial Strategist will demonstrate to you how the Equity Optimization model of banking and borrowing out performs conventional methods of debt acceleration by a very wide margin.

5. Do I have to refinance out of my current low fixed rate mortgage?

No! It is not necessary to refinance out of your low rate 1st mortgage. You do not need to Replace Your Mortgage. In fact, many have achieved their mortgage free goals even faster by maintaining a conventional first mortgage. We actually prefer you maintain your low rate 1st mortgage.  You can attend a free online meeting with your Financial Strategist to see how Equity Optimization works in a two loan scenario.

6. Why haven’t I heard about this before?

There are several answers to this question, but ultimately the reason you haven’t heard of this type of financial strategy is only because it isn’t main stream. It isn’t well publicized, taught in schools or offered by the financial industry as a whole. It is our goal to help make it mainstream and become well known.  Before you make a final decision we will provide you the opportunity to correspond with current customers. There isn’t a better referral than a practitioner.

7. Why hasn’t my bank offered me this program?

This is a very good question. Some believe the banking community is keeping this strategy a secret because they will lose money.  We’ve been told by bank executives that they don’t offer this type of program because they are not in the financial advice or education business.  Banks only offer financial products.  It is up to the customer to make their own financial decisions as it relates to managing their money.

8. How does this program differ from similar programs?

The difference is our business model.  Other companies offering a similar program sell software or loans.  We do not sell software or loans.  Truth In Equity provides the most important elements to success; education and ongoing support.  We are also the ONLY provider that guarantees your results.  You can access our 6 month money back guarantee from your Personal Profile.

9. Can’t I just go and do this my self?

You obviously have the right to attempt this on your own, but it is highly recommended you work with experts who know the nuances and pitfalls of implementing and executing this strategy. At a minimum we recommend you rely on the professional guidance found in our DIMs (Did It Myself) DIY program. You can discover more via your Personal Profile or speak to one of our Financial Strategists to discuss your implementation options.

Dispelling the Rate Myth and Fear

Anyone who is concerned about the raising rate environment has valid concerns. To enhance the Equity Optimization experience you must understand RATE. Concern should be addressed logically and reinforced with FACTS and not hyper speculation.  Knowing that rates do rise and fall as economic climates dictate we make ALL necessary and prudent decisions based on historical fact and reasonable postulations.  Provided are two links to historical prime rate performance.  These and many other sites illustrate how rate has risen and fallen over the years.

This information proves and reinforces how rate never leaped in a manner that could support hyper belief of detrimental rate increases.  We know no one has a crystal ball and determining what can or will happen in the future is near impossible.  Based on historical fact and reasonable future conditions, contemporary knowledge and skill, determining a reasonable rate change can be exercised, reviewed and tested.  Equity Optimization demands an understanding of the RATE myth.

Google Search:  Click here or conduct your own search.  History of Prime Rate
Links we like:


It is very interesting to note that when Truth In Equity began, prime rate was at 8.25%. Even when rates were at that level, customers (see testimonials) were getting out of their conventional 5% and sometimes lower, conventional loans.

This is because it still made mathematical sense.  The Equity Advantage theory and practice is not “RATE and PAYMENT” oriented because “TERM” of repayment is the operative principle in Equity Optimization.