What is Equity Optimization™?

Truth In Equity is a consulting firm.  We provide custom financial solutions.  You are entering your basic or complete budget information so that we may provide an automated and IMMEDIATE analysis where you have autonomous (self directed) ability to become a client at your level of participation.  You can buy a $17.oo report and receive details past the free summary analysis you receive when providing your personal profile information.  You will be able to purchase a Did It My Self program if you are the type who feels confident in your knowledge of the Real Estate Market, Banking Regulations and Underwriting Guidelines, Fractional Reserve Banking Model and a host of other influential industry terms, policies and regulations.  Or… you can contract with us for a lifetime of service and care.  Our flagship service is our full consulting and prefer you choose to place your trust in our company.  Truth In Equity is the pioneer in bringing this strategy to the Public.  Our 10 years providing this service allows us to give you the comfort in knowing we will not let you fail.  We have the experience, offer a 6 month money back guarantee, give you access to current customers and conduct an initial FREE online meeting to ensure this is right for you.  Our relationships are built on Trust.  We Trust you are providing accurate information and you can Trust that we have your best interest and shared goals for success.  WE DO NOT CHARGE A FEE UNLESS YOU QUALIFY AND WANT TO MOVE FORWARD.

Equity optimization™, often referred to as mortgage acceleration, is an approach to managing household finances to take advantage of the earning power of your assets to offset the costs of your debt such as mortgages, auto loans, and other debts.  A lender’s primary goal is to maximize profit.  Truth in Equity’s primary goal is to help homeowners and business owners capture the true value of their whole financial situation to enjoy dramatically faster loan payoffs and ultimately build savings and wealth.

You have probably watched many videos on First Lien HELOCs.  Although that is one method or solution we do not recommend that as the  first choice.  First lien HELOCs work real well in some instances but come with  more risk.  We discuss these risks and your OTHER OPTIONS during the meeting.  Our OTHER OPTIONS are what separates us from the copy cats and competitors.

Since everyone’s situation is different we have designed debt analysis tools to uncover hidden savings in each case.  This debt reduction tool has been developed after years of data working with clients all over the U.S. Completing a profile will provide you with options for reducing your mortgage debt faster than ever before.  You will receive a free summary report that will let you know if you qualify for our programs.

Your customized financial summary page will then give you options on how to get started reducing your debt and growing your wealth.  Thousands have benefited from our equity optimization™ programs (click to view) and we would love to find out if we can help you and your family enjoy a debt free lifestyle as soon as possible.

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No Need to refinance.
Works for New Purchases.
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  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee.
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  • Build a better retirement.

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Amazing Online Tools To Help Monitor Your Loan Payoff

  • Our calculator shows where your budget is going: including mortgage interest
    and principal.  Small changes in the way you pay our bills can often cut interest costs.

  • Equity Advantage Tool shows you the possible benefits of using Equity Optimization™.
    Disciplined use can payoff mortgages quicker, increase savings and investments, and help you become debt free.

  • Truth in Equity has helped thousands understand and implement mortgage acceleration. You gain access to our experienced consultants to help you every step of the way.
  • Your personalized account allows you to weigh the costs and benefits of major purchases, college choices, second homes etc. anytime you like.
  • Equity Optimization™ is not new or complicated. It is a different approach to managing your monthly budget. Inside your personal account you have access to videos, how to’s, advice from other practitioners, and more.


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Dedicated to users by keeping their trust with  outstanding after sale support!

We really do love the program – we think it’s amazing! Funny thing is, we try to tell others about how great it is – even pass along your website for reference and review, but it seems that most people are skeptics! Even after we tell them how great it’s been for us personally and how much more we have paid off towards our principal vs. a traditional loan! We had a 15 year loan prior to Truth In Equity and this is still phenomonally better! We have never looked back one time since signing with you guys!
Take care and thanks again for touching base!
Meleanie Schafer
Diana: Thanks for checking in. We have paid off the Loan. We have no debt at all. Are saving money to purchase another Auto. Also investing in to different types of investments, I have not been using the etie profile. I paid off 46k in about 13 months. It was not hard to do. We are in best financial position ever. Thanks for your part in this
I hope you are doing well.
Wayne Mclarren
Bill—I am amazed that more people don’t do this for themselves—smartest decision we have ever made. Yes, share our story—it is true! We entered this process in July 2008 with $210,000.00 debt. Today we are at $13,000.00. We have absolutely no other debt, no credit card debt etc. etc and have paid cash for a new car, helped others and enjoyed life. We are very thankful—it really, really works especially as we near retirement. We will be free in a very short while. We were disciplined to avoid impulse buying and spending, etc because we saw how fast the loan decreased but we enjoyed our life as usual!!
Thanks Again.
Judie Harrington
We specialize in teaching the basic principles of Equity Optimization™. Helping homeowners use their assets and earnings to become debt free quicker than ever.

Once you fill out a profile our system will analyze and tell you if you qualify for accelerated debt payoff. If you qualify, you will have the opportunity to connect with one of our trained specialists that will explain how to get started and the best strategy for your personal situation.