Credit Line Banking is a banking strategy for everybody.

It’s not a first lien HELOC strategy.
It’s not just a pay off your mortgage or debt strategy.
It’s a BANKING strategy for Everyone.

We want you to know what we know.

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There is a better way to bank,
borrow, save, spend and LIVE.

Ready to stop feeling controlled by money
and start feeling in control of your money?

You want to pay off your house, your car, make home improvements, finally go on that family vacation, and so much more. The good news is taking control of your finances is easier than you think. 

Teaching people how to WIN since 2006.

Most financial education teaches you to stick to a set budget, avoid credit cards and loans that will charge you interest, and to “live beneath your means”. But the truth is, those things don’t work for everyone, and they won’t get you the kind of financial freedom we know is possible.

That’s why we created a completely different approach to managing your money that puts you on the fast track to your debt free future without strict budgeting, taking on a side hustle, or asking your boss for a raise.

We want to enhance the way you view your finances, streamline how you manage your expenses, and teach you to use tools like credit cards and loans in a financially healthy way so that you can take back control of your hard-earned paychecks.

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“It’s made a big difference in my life to have control of my own finances… I never used to do anything on auto pay because if a payment was taken out of my account at the wrong time it could put me in the hole. Since I got myself on this program I now have everything I possibly can on auto pay because I know the money’s gonna be there… I know where the finances are and I don’t have a cash flow restriction that makes me go from paycheck to paycheck anymore.”

- Melanie, Previous Truth in Equity Client

Hi There, I’m Bill Westrom

After many years working in the mortgage lending industry, my business partner and I decided that we could no longer stand by and watch banks take advantage of people through high interest rates and long loan terms. We knew there was a better way.

Based on our desire to help hard working homeowners take back control of their finances we founded Truth in Equity. At that time we had no idea the magnitude of what we were creating.

What started out as a way to help people pay down their mortgages has turned into a comprehensive financial strategy that helps anyone with a steady income pay off debt, streamline their expenses, and get more out of the money they earn.

Imagine your life 5 – 7 years from now…

Your mortgage, car loan, and student loans are all paid off.

Your monthly bills are being paid on autopilot.

You're making smart financial decisions with confidence.

You never have to worry about unexpected expenses.

Imagine buying your dream car, a second home, or taking that family vacation worry-free.

From feeling trapped by their debt to purchasing multiple rental properties, launching a boat charter company, and living their financially-free dreams, Truth in Equity has helped hundreds of people do all of this and more.

How does it work? 

You don’t need fancy software, strict budgets, or multiple income streams to gain financial freedom. All you need is the right tools, used the right way.


First we’ll analyze your current income, expenses, and cash flow to determine your personalized debt free date.


Next, we’ll help you find and apply for the right financial tools to help you manage your money in a whole new way so that you can get more out of every paycheck.


Then, we’ll teach you our step by step process for tracking your finances, paying your bills, and lowering debt fast.


Finally, we’ll support you every step of the way. It’s a lifetime service for a one time price.

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We believe there’s more to life than working just to pay the bills. We want to give you back control of your money, and your future.

When you sign up with Truth in Equity you get unlimited one-on-one coaching, a personalized money management strategy, and access to our online software for tracking your income and expenses. Plus, we’re so confident that our program will work that we offer a 6-month money-back guarantee.

During your consultation an experienced financial strategist will walk you through our proven process for paying off debt, building personal equity, and increasing your overall financial health. Then, we’ll help you find the right financial tools, teach you to use them effectively, and partner with you every step of the way to keep you on track.

Reaching financial freedom takes time. The sooner you get started the sooner you’ll reach your goals. Schedule your free consultation today to discover how Truth in Equity can put you on the fast track to a better financial future.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“They told us we’d be debt free in 5 years and that’s exactly what happened”

Mortgage Acceleration & financial Freedom

The Money Management Strategy You Wish They Had Taught in High School.

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There is nothing else on the internet that can teach you more about how debt acceleration works. Read the E-book and then schedule your free consultation with one of our expert financial strategists to get a personalized plan that will fast track your way to a debt-free future. 

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