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The Average American Has Over $90,000 in Debt

With over 20 years experience in the mortgage and banking industry we found a way to help.


Equity Optimization and Credit Line Banking are two of the strategies we use to help you achieve your financial goals. We’ll start by analyzing your equity, earnings, and expenses to help you create a personalized plan. Then together we’ll implement strategies that takes advantage of your income to offset and reduce interest charges, pay lump sums toward your outstanding debts, and put more money back in your pocket.


When you begin to utilize banking products like Credit Cards, HELOCs, and Line of Credit accounts as beneficial tools rather than as traditional debts everything begins to change. You can put your bills on auto-pay, consolidate installment loans into revolving credit accounts, and make your money work harder for you without working harder yourself. Combine these financial tools with our personalized software to track your progress and reach your debt-free date without unnecessary delays.


Our team of experienced financial strategists is here to help from the moment you schedule your discovery call. We’ll start by analyzing your current financial landscape, creating a personalized strategy, and helping you choose the correct tools. Then we’ll show you how to utilize those tools to your advantage and answer any questions you have along the way. Because we’re invested in your future, we’ll stick with you until you reach your financial goals no matter what.

What started out as a complex spreadsheet designed for brokers has evolved into the strategy that thousands of Truth in Equity clients are now using to take back control of their finances.

Our Story


Bill Westrom and David Welles met while they were both working for major mortgage banks. David worked as a Mortgage Broker for Cannon Mortgage, and Bill worked as an Account Executive for MacQuarie Mortgage USA where he was selling a product called the Asset Manager.

This was a unique banking product that combined a first lien HELOC with the functionality of a checking account. This concept, which was later adopted by other banks, was also known as a Money Merge Account, Home Ownership Accelerator, or All in One account.

But even with years of experience in the mortgage and banking industry Bill was struggling to explain the concept to mortgage brokers. He had built a complex spreadsheet that illustrated how the loan works and how in most cases the loan would pay off in an accelerated time frame saving the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

In summer of 2006 Bill was asked by executives to suggest ideas on how they could better deliver the Asset Manager to mortgage professionals in hopes that it would take the place of traditional fixed rate 15 or 30 year mortgages.

When he made the decision to leave his position with MacQuarie he knew that his sophisticated spreadsheet would be the key to helping homeowners comprehend the loan performance. And he was right, that spreadsheet became the basis for what is now the online calculator and tracking tool Truth in Equity clients still use today.

In the beginning Bill and David spent 10 months traveling all over Florida trying to convince banking executives that this loan structure would perform better and attract more clientele than the traditional mortgage loans they were currently offering. Unfortunately they didn’t have much luck.

After exhausting their personal resources trying to partner with banks, Bill and David switched directions completely. They had placed a few customers in the loan using Indymac, Household Finance, and GMAC, but it wasn’t enough to get the idea out there. They knew if people understood the concept the demand would drive itself.

Bill and David partnered with well-known financial author and podcaster Jordan Goodman, to test the concept and to find a way to explain it to the public. They sat in David’s living room for countless hours pouring over the numbers. They tested scenario after scenario trying to disprove the theory, but it worked every time.

Truth in Equity was founded just before the housing market imploded in 2008. At that time the prime rate was 8.25% and people were happily switching from 5% fixed rate mortgages to HELOC loans with variable interest rates because the math just made sense. The higher interest rates were being offset by large monthly deposits, low daily balances, and interest savings over time.

Since then Truth in Equity has helped thousands of homeowners pay off debt faster, save thousands of dollars a year on interest, and take back control of their finances.

Our Promise

After 15+ years and watching thousands of clients from all different backgrounds utilize these strategies to pay off debt and take back control of their finances we are confident that we can do the same for you.

That’s why we offer lifetime support for a one-time fee, and a 6 month money-back guarantee. If our program doesn’t work as promised, we will gladly refund your payment.

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