Today, the mortgage industry is filled with numerous companies and individuals that help people in lending money for their biggest investments of life. You will get two sources in the market: a mortgage broker and a lender.  

Although the two entities equally help you get the loan, still they are not the same.  A mortgage broker helps you in finding a lender but doesn’t loan money. On the other hand, a lender provides funds to purchase a home.

You might find one source better than the other, but that depends upon your situation. Therefore, I have discussed the difference between the mortgage broker vs. direct lender along with the pros, cons, and key considerations to help you to decide the best start. First of all, get to know about the primary differences between the two.

What is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is a person or a company that organizes a contract between the borrower and the lender. A mortgage broker is in direct contact and offers the best mortgage services to you. 

A broker company does not use its own money; instead, it acts as a link between the debtor and the lender. Besides, it also helps in completing all the paper works that are required for meeting the criteria and the approval.

Why Consider a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker helps in finding and going through all the processes of applying for a loan. With the help of a broker, you are able to get the best available options according to your situation in the market.

With a mortgage broker, you can assess your financial histories and present conditions. However, it aids you to meet the lender’s criteria and brings the best mortgage deals for you.

Plus Points of Mortgage Broker

✔️ More Connections

Mortgage brokers hold years of experience, therefore, they have more connections in the market. Through a mortgage broker, you will be able to meet a wide range of lenders. It means you will get more options to find the best deal.

✔️ Convenience

Whether you are unable to spare time from your busy schedule to execute the procedure, consider a mortgage broker. Since it is the best option to save your effort and time in dealing with the lender directly.

✔️ Professionalism

Dealing with a professional and skilled broker can be substantially beneficial. As the interest rates keep changing which may confuse the borrower. That’s why an expert constantly guides you with the overall on-going process to keep things simple for you.

More Options

Suppose, your credit score is less than the lender’s requirements or any other issue occurs, due to which you are not eligible for the loan. A mortgage broker can find the best alternative for you to borrow money.

Downfalls of Mortgage Broker

Professional Issues

After working for years, some lenders might have grudges with brokers. This could be problematic for you because it is possible that the broker may leave your process due to his personal issues. So, try to work with a professional company to avoid such situations. 


Paying an extra fee can be problematic when you are saving money, but brokers do not work for free. When you have to pay them from your account this will affect your whole savings. Moreover, if the process is taking long their charges will vary accordingly.

What is a Mortgage Lender?

A Mortgage lender is a company or an individual that provides different types of loans like student loans, auto loans, house loans, or personal loans. Once you borrow money, you need to pay off your debt to the desired lender along with interest rates within a specific period.

More importantly, there are different types of lenders for example, direct lenders ( banks, credit unions) and online lending companies(Lightstream, SoFi, upstart, Avant),. It all depends on your preference, to whom you are confident and comfortable to deal.

Why Consider a Mortgage Lender?

Desire to build your own business or home, but don’t have rough money? To solve this issue, the mortgage has made things easier for you. You can pick the most suitable firm or lender to get into debt. However, you need to handle the whole process on your own. 

Talking about the overall procedure once you borrow a certain amount of money, you need to pay it off with some interest rate. You can pay it back in the form of installments within the time period decided in the contract. Unfortunately,  if you are unable to pay off the installments, the company can foreclose on the property.

Plus Points of Mortgage Lender

✔️ No Fees

Some people don’t have enough money and cannot afford additional charges. In such circumstances, considering a mortgage could be very beneficial. Moreover, it helps you a lot in saving money. 

✔️ No Third-Party Involved

There is no third party involved in your debt procedure. You can contact your lender directly, get all the information on your own, and identify your process in depth.

✔️ Better Rates

When you have a deal directly with the lender you may get better price options as some companies have certain deals that can work without brokers. Moreover, if you have any business relationship this can be a plus point. With the help of the same business background, you can adjust rates effortlessly.

Drawbacks of Mortgage Lender


Sometimes there can be lenders who don’t work without brokers, this can affect your process and limit your borrowing options.

Time Consuming

If you consider mortgage lenders you will have to visit them one by one, submit your details. It can take a lot of time and effort, still whether they will finalize the contract or not.

Which One is Best?

To decide which option makes more sense depends on your personal circumstances as well as how much effort you want to put in. But if you are quite busy with your regular stuff and do not have time to deal with the lender, or you have no experience of such procedures, it is advisable to pick the best mortgage broker. A mortgage broker helps in bringing the ideal solutions to your debt issues and find a perfect match as per your eligibility.