If you want to fulfill your dream of purchasing a home, you can probably buy one. Although it may seem complicated to buy a home that you cannot afford, you probably have heard about the mortgage pre-approval. However, if you have not heard about the term, stay calm; this article has explicitly written to understand everything about the pre-approval for a mortgage, its entire procedure, and how to get this. When you seek a home, getting your mortgage pre-approved could be one of the crucial steps to take. You can get several opportunities to talk about different loan options by consulting your lender, which can help in clarifying every budget concern and other monthly mortgage installments. First of all, let’s understand the two terms, prequalification and preapproval and the difference between them.

What is Preapproval for a Mortgage?

Pre Approval is very similar to the situation when you get to confirm your solvency without having a purchasing contract on the spot. In this condition, you will complete a debt application, and your creditor will verify the information that you have provided. During this verification, your mortgage lender would also check your credit score, so in this case, if you get pre-approved, you’ll get a preapproval letter and obtain a specific amount.

What is Prequalification for a Mortgage?

Prequalification is the initial step in the procedure of home-buying. It is an opportunity to understand the mortgage options and to find your creditor that fits your desires. In this step, once you have been prequalified for a home mortgage, you would get an evaluation for an amount that you are capable of acquiring. However, on the basis of the information you have provided to your lender about your finances and credit check, you would get an amount.

Mortgage Pre Approval vs. Pre Qualification

Differences Mortgage Pre Approval Mortgage Prequalification
Documentation  Debtor has to provide financial proofs and the creditor check. Question and answer process in the procedure and the lender checks the credit score.
Procedure After pre approving the mortgage, you would receive your pre approved debt within ten working days. You have to provide basic information to the creditor and you would get your pre qualified mortgage instantly.
Advantages You would be ready to make a confident offer and get a competitive benefit. You would understand how much you can afford and borrow to buy a home.

Mortgage Pre Approval Requirement

A preapproval is useful when you seek to own a home, but you are unaware of how much you would get for a home, but you need to get approved fully once you have found an ideal one. Nevertheless, simply pre approval does not assure that you’ll obtain the loan. A whole process is involved in this step which your lender would do to check out your financial and property details.

Below are a few property details that your lender will need to verify and approve

Your Title Company

Your creditor would look into your title company to verify your property’s actual owner and assure you that there are no troubles and other concerns against it.

The Evaluation Value

Moreover, your lender would request an evaluation value of your home to determine the actual rate of your home. This step is executed to make sure that the creditor is not lending money more than the actual worth of the house. If the evaluation value comes lower than the purchase price of your home, it could become problematic for you.

Your Home’s Condition

Some lenders may also require to see whether the conditions of your existing property meets specific requirements before lending money. That’s why they also check on your home’s condition. For example, if you are buying a house with a slightly old condition, such as the window glass is cracked, poor roof condition or some of the door handles are missing, then you might not be approved for the loan over your home.

Why do You need to be Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?

Mortgage pre approval is not only for the mortgage but also for understanding how much you can afford and expect to acquire. The pre-approved mortgage could be highly advantageous for a home buyer to limit and focus on the best options. However, an ideal time to get a pre-approved mortgage is when you initiate the home purchasing process. If you know that you are going to buy a new home, you can swiftly apply for the preapproval and get the early image of your future mortgage. You should show your creditor that you are a serious buyer by presenting authentic information about everything.

Procedure to get Pre-approved for a Mortgage

If you are looking to get pre-approved for a mortgage, Truth in Equity can help you with the process. Below I have discussed a stepwise guideline to get a pre-approved mortgage:

Apply for an Online Application

The online application asks a variety of questions to assess your eligibility criteria in order to get a home debt. In this application, you have to provide your personal information, some details about the home you want to purchase, and other details about your assets and income. From this information, the lender would check your credit score to offer the most precise mortgage solutions.

Check your Mortgage Solutions

Once your lender has provided the best solutions to determine the amount you require, you would see how much you can afford and how much the lender would approve for you. In this step, you have to understand the loan type along with monthly installments, interest rates, and down payments.

Get an Approval Letter

Now that you have selected all the loan options, you can see whether you are approved for it or not. At this point, you would get a pre approval mortgage letter through which you can purchase your home now.

Bottom Line

A preapproval mortgage is a significant step to take for buying a home. Once your creditor has verified your personal and financial information, you would instantly understand the approval and affordability for the amount to lend. A pre-approved mortgage provides plentiful benefits to initiate your home buying process, and you would get a quick loan.