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Truth in Equity’s ‘product’ is our knowledge, expertise, and ability to help homeowners leverage the true value of their financial situation through Equity Optimization™

Three Pillars of Equity Optimization™

Easy Yet Complex

Equity Optimization™ is something of a paradox: Often referred to as mortgage acceleration, it is a proven approach to managing finances to prioritize repayment of debt. The strategy takes advantage of your incomes' ability to offset and reduce the cost of debt through prioritized principal reduction. Debts such as mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, etc. calculate monthly interest at the highest possible level every day of the month. It’s a very aggressive profit model which helps banks and lenders maximize their profits; by making you pay the maximum amount of interest. Through Equity Optimization™ you can turn their profit model into your personal gain.


For Equity Optimization™ to function at the highest level, all the components have to fit cohesively as one efficient unit. Properly executing the strategy requires a level of knowledge and expertise not readily available to the general public. Since we began in 2006 information regarding mortgage acceleration has exploded over the internet. Much of the information presented is categorically wrong and misleading the public with an 'easy-button'. There is much to learn before you blindly Replace Your Mortgage because someone on the internet told you to. There is no 'default' setting; the program needs to be customized to you.


The HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) is a vital component of the Equity Optimization™ strategy. but there is much more to Equity Optimization™ than just getting the first HELOC you can find.  All HELOC’s are not created equal and obtaining the wrong HELOC could mean the difference between success and financial failure.  We are experts in the national HELOC market; we’ve been sourcing and testing them for over 10 years. Before you Replace Your Mortgage get a personalized free analysis.  We will help you obtain the right HELOC.

It's All About a Relationship

Free Consultation

We conduct an extensive pre-qualification process to ensure that the right recommendations and decisions are made by all parties.


Our 10+ years of knowledge and expertise implementing Equity Optimization™ ensures you succeed at the highest level while also protecting the life you’re spending a lifetime building.


We source the necessary lines of credit and financial tools for you. We customize the entire program to specifically fit your budget and your goals.


Lifetime retainer, ongoing, never-ending. Pay us just once…just don’t keep us a secret!


We teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to operate this program on a day-to-day basis. You have ongoing support from our staff until your mortgage balance hits that magical $0.

Money-Back Guarantee

Sometimes things just aren't the right fit, and we get that. If our program doesn’t work as promised we will gladly give you your money back without any hassle.

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